yo dis is jazmin welcome to my blog come inside timez tete dohertitty
  1. schoolboy-grin said: When I saw them in October in Sheffield, they did Pipedown and it was a RIOT

THE WHOLE THING WAS A RIOT but i agree certain songs and everyone went absolutely ape shit. ah so great

okay so babyshambles was INCREDIBLE as per. it was proper nuts and my legs hurt and i still can’t believe he did french dog blues AND baddies boogie AND i wish AND maybelline AND ALBION HE DID ALBION that was super special i cry. HELL I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE I SAW THEM AGAIN LIKE WAS THAT A DREAM COS IT SURE FEELS LIKE ONE oh and after we had to report my mums phone cos it got stolen and I MET DREW he was just chillin. and everyone was takin pics with him. and i got a pic with him. i said they were amazing and he said thanks. drew talked to me okay i’m done now thank you for your time i can now go cry into babyshambles albums ohohoho

today i bought a where’s wally bookmark, read a good comic, got nice art compliments and got an idea for my final piece. 4 days til babyshambles.